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Theme Analysis

The theme i chose to use for my blog was called Mystique. Upon seeing this theme I immediately knew it was the perfect fit for me. I had already seen numerous boring, black and white, very simple themes that lacked character and excitement, as well as over the top bright, colorful, and distrracting themes that drew more attention to the background than too my actual work. One of the reasons that I like mystique so much is that it drew attention through its color scheme but did not steal attention away from my work. It was the perfect balance. This theme gives me credibility as a writer by allowing my blog to stand out but not to the point where its design is the main attraction.

The audience that I am addressing is clearly my classmates. This theme can be appreciated by them due to the fact that its is not boring to look at, something I’m sure anyone reading despises. Instead they are welcomed to an exciting layout with even more exciting information, and entries. The colors are inviting, yet not “blinding”, the entries will be informative yet far from boring. Through both the theme I have chosen as well as the entries I will post I plan to allow both my writing skills as well as my personality to shine through and create as great of a blog as I can.



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