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Analysis of Videos

Video 1: How Bad Do You Want It? (

Video 2: I Am a Champion (

The genre of the speeches that I chose was that of inspiration, both speeches have a direct purpose in trying to motivate the listener.

The speaker of the first video is Eric Thomas, a man who does professional motivational speaking for a living. His purpose is to motivate a group of Michigan State University students through a speech regarding success. His audience is a group of young college students mostly ages 18-21, who attended one of his lectures. His direct message to the students is to motivate themselves to a point where they can change their lives and become more successful in their everyday activities. Upon further review it could be seen that his implied message is that todays generation is lacking in personal responsibility as well as the necessary skills it takes to become successful. He relies heavily on the use of  pathos to appeal to his audiences emotions through his use of vernacular as well as the passion displayed in his voice.

The speaker for the second video was the coach of a young youth football team named Coach Flowers. His purpose is also to motivate his audience through an intense and almost angry speech. His audience is his team that he coaches which seems to consist mostly of high school athletes. His direct message is that they must defeat the opposing team. The implied message could be that  his team needs to find inspiration in his words and use it to not only defeat the team that they are playing but to develop as men as well. For the most part Coach Flowers relies on pathos to reach his audience using intense vocabulary as well as increasing the volume of his voice to get a rise out of the emotions of his team.


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