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“Ain’t So/Is Not” and “I.M.’s of Romeo and Juliet”

I.) “Ain’t So/Is Not”

As has been evidenced by my writing thus far I am still stuck to some of my old ways of high school writing. Particularly the idea of a five paragraph essay. I consistently find myself planning my essays in a very simple beginning, middle, end fashion. This is a technique that has always been taught to me by my high school teachers, even required at times. It is a tough process to break considering how long I have practiced it.

This difference is especially evident in how my professors judge my diction and tone. In previous high school essays I could get away with simple paragraphs, easy vocabulary, and poor sentence structure. Often times seeming as if the only real grading principle was whether or not I fulfilled the required amount of pages. Now my professors pay careful attention to my choice of words as well as how the paper flows. Gone are the days of simple assignments where I simply fill a page with the given requirements. Now I must fulfill both criteria of having a strong paper including vocabulary, diction, tone, flow, etc., as well as completing the given number of pages.

As well as the length of my papers, I was also never required to maintain a blog for any of my classes, an assignment which so far has been an interesting process. It feels much more open and easier to write in instead of being forced to write numerous essays. I am more inclined to put my own opinions and values into my blog entries than I am in my essays. It is also a much more comfortable process. One where I do not feel like I am completely confined by an assignments rules or guidelines. While I may still have guidelines they are much easier to write about and allow for some of my own flare in my writing.

II.) “I.M.’s of Romeo and Juliet”

I feel that Chast is responding to the idea that today’s youth is slowly losing intelligence, specifically vocabulary, due to their lack of human contact and reliance upon social media devices such as twitter, facebook, texting. He is specifically stating that it is a negative effect . I do agree with Chast in the sense that my generation has focused to much on talking to people without actually seeing them. We have drifted away from human contact and have started to rely on texting or sending them a twitter message instead. Although it may be quicker and easier it detracts from the person’s ability to develop a solid and growing relationship.

III.) Dialogue

Juliet: Hello Romeo! Are you availible?

Romeo: Hello Juliet! Indeed I am, how are you?

J: I am fine, how are you doing?

R: Well I am not that great, school did not go so well today.

J: Oh yes, I heard Mr. Wylander was not pleased with your actions today.

R:  Yes, I used purple ink on my science test, and he got incredibly upset. When he’s angry he bears a strong resemblance to Jimminy Cricket.

J: That is humorous, I do indeed see the resemblance.

R: Oh well, will you be attending the gathering at Nicholas’s house?

J: I cannot my parents will not allow it.

R: Why is that?

J: Mrs. Cordoza called home and informed them of my struggles in spanish class. Also that informed me that they do not like you very much.

R: Well mine dislike you so the feeling is mutual.

J: Speaking of parents, my father seems to be on his way up the stairs, I do indeed need to depart.

R: Alright, I will talk to you later then!

J: Definitely my love, see you tomorrow.


I used this picture in order to demonstrate just how odd the idea of how they are communicating really is. Often times those who partake in social media and instant messaging do not realize how uncomfortable and out of place they really are. In fact it is a very awkward and seemingly wrong process of communicating as depicted in the picture above.

(Edit: If the picture does not appear due to lack of software then click the question mark box.)


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