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Blog Assessment

Timeliness: B-

Although I rarely miss a blog assignment and they are regularly turned in on time I feel like I often turn them in too late. Most of my blog posts are put up at times like 3:00 AM and sometimes even later. I feel like this may be a contributing factor to why some of my blog posts lack interesting content and the personality that I often put into my writing. If I start writing at an earlier time the content of my work should improve.

Thoroughness: A-

I do my best to answer each and every question that is asked in the rubrics provided. Often times I feel as if answering each part of the rubric helps me add more to my work when I am experiencing writers block. Although my writing may not always be my best on my blog, I do feel like I am very thorough with answering every part of what the rubric asks.

Depth: C-

The depth of my entries is often lacking and I do not always dive very deep into the topics I am given. Instead, I often find myself simply trying to meet the word requirement and then stopping even though I have only scratched the surface of what i wanted to say. This seems to be one of the main reasons why most of my content is boring, instead of forming my own opinions based on what I know, I just get the assignment finished and that is all.

Clarity: B-

I feel that I am relatively free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. It may not be perfect but for the most part I do a good job of cutting back on poor grammar and simple spelling errors that make the paper look bad. Where I struggle the most is the formatting of my blog entries. Most of my entries are in one long paragraph without indentions. This can be obnoxious and distracting to the reader of the blog. Also some of my sentence structure is lacking, I have run on sentences as well as repeats of previous sentences.

Creativity: C-

My blog is not very creative. For the most part it comes off as boring and very essay-like. I often rely on simple sentences and never put any of my own creativity into the blog. Each entry lacks a personal touch and instead fills that void with very simple “just-answer-the-question” type of writing. I feel the only creative part of the blog is the design and heading, which is not enough.

Audience: C+

Although my audience is my fellow peers of my English 101 class I often find myself drifting away from their point of view. Instead I will often direct my entries towards Ms. Browning knowing that she is the one who will be grading my work. I should begin addressing all of my work to my peers instead of those who grade it.

Development: A-

I believe the blog has developed quite well. It started with a very boring format that lacked customization and creativity, much like the entries inside of it. since then I have changed the format to something that fits me much better with a creative header that has completely changed the look of the blog. Although my works are still lacking in creativity and depth I feel that they have also improved as well. They are not perfect and still lack crucial elements but they are making small improvements one entry at a time.

Portfolio: —

The entry I would most like to change for the portfolio is my vey first entry regarding the theme analysis of the blog. I would like a second chance at discussing the new format and design. As well as a second chance talking about how the blog reflects my personality and why I chose it. Admittedly the first theme was hastily chosen and I never was a huge fan of it, however I find my new one much more interesting and captivating.



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