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Article Summaries

First Article:

This article discussed hip-hop music and how it was a vehicle for the education of todays’s youth. It made an especially interesting point in discussing a program called B.U.M.P. Records that helps to develop the skills and abilities of young artists, aged 14-19. The author makes a very interesting point when he says “As an educator, I push young hip-hop artists to think about what inspires and outrages them and to look for ways to express their realities and ideas for change.” This once again points to his idea that hip-hop music can be used to teach the youth how to grow and lead.

Second Article:

This article discussed not only small portions of hip-hop history but also the political affect it has on our world today. She makes the point that the most successful part of hip-hop music is it’s ability to present real-life stories and information that is entertaining to the youth, which makes it easier for them to understand and read. The author also makes a great point regarding the idea that although the lyrics of the music may come off as abrasive and violent they still contain a deep and informative message. This same thought is one that I intend to include in my essay.

Third Article:

This article discusses the founding of the popular hip-hop magazine “Vibe”. The most interesting part of this article was the comparison it drew between “Vibe” and “Rolling Stone”, stating that it was indeed a very similar comparison between rock and roll and hip-hop and the way that the two have developed in this same fashion. Such a comparison is one that I also intend to represent in my paper by proving that hip-hop receives more criticism than hip-hop music.


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