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The piece of art that I chose is a mural painted on a wall by infamous graffiti artist Banksy. This picture reads as text by saying that the idea of graffiti removal is not fair and does not serve a purpose of helping the community, instead taking away some of it’s beauty and splendor. The mural addresses the rhetorical triangle by making an obvious statement, as well as addressing the audience by placing it on a wall in a busy area, therefore addressing the general public. Banksy is particularly appealing to the audiences ethos by using an example of classic art that has existed in society for a great period of time. By disgracing the classical piece Banksy touches a side with his audience that wishes to hold onto the memories of the past.

It is evident that Banksy feels that the idea of graffiti removal is unfair and a poor decision and the part of those who decide to do it. He feels that it is a destruction of art that can be political, historical, and beautiful.







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