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Upon first learning that maintaining a blog would be a necessary part of our criteria for our English 101 class I was without a doubt dissapointed. Blogs were a tool that I had always seen as useless and often too casual to do a good job of presenting an opinion. Celebrity gossiper, indie music critic, and mindless internet commentators were the stereotype that I often used to describe a blogger. I never had plans of fitting such a mold and definitely never had plans of becoming a blogger myself.

It was not until my first few entries that I realized just how easy, and at times entertaining, it could be. It was different from my typical college writing, where I fretted over the smallest error in sentence composition. Instead I felt much more free with my topic and less restrained in the tone of my writing. Although the writing may not have been the best as far as techniques and vocabulary, it instead thrived in its openness and honesty. I crafted my sentences the way I wanted, not the way a professor or critic of my work told me to.

Such openness however also led to what I found to be the most difficult part of my blog, the line of being to casual and still maintaining a professional and well written essay often became blurred. At times I would find myself using slang and poor grammar in my writing, that even in a blog, did little to establish any credibility as a writer. I would become to free with my vocabulary and often time many sentences came off as too conversational and poorly put together. As I would read over my work I would have to rearrange sentences that included over usage of the word “like”, “what I’m trying to say”, and other poorly placed phrases that have no place in any English 101 assignment.

As I began to change how I write in my blog, the appearance of the website changed as well. At the start I had the theme “Mystique” which was plain and boring, and did very little to draw the readers attention. Even when reading over some of my work I would often comment to myself about how boring and poorly planned out it looked. Eventually I finally took action and changed it too one with a much more interesting header, color scheme, and text arrangement. The blog is now enticing to readers and shows off not only my personality but my blog entries as well.

Creating a blog was truly a unique experience that I never would have expected to encounter in such a class. Although I may not continue the blog after I am done with English 101, I will definitely take advantage of what it has taught me as a writer and a student.


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